How does HaulGO work?💪

The HaulGO app operates as a platform connecting individuals who need items transported with people who have suitable vehicles for such tasks. For customers, it allows them to post details about what they need transported, including the item's size, pickup and drop-off locations, and their budget. Drivers with the appropriate vehicles can then browse these posts and offer their services. The app facilitates these connections, enabling customers to find a convenient transport solution while providing drivers with opportunities to earn money by completing transport jobs.

What are the requirements to become a driver? 🚗

Age: Must be at least 18 years old.
Valid License, Personal ID, Business license, Registration, and Insurance: Must have these in the state you are driving in. 

Bank Account: A checking account is required to receive direct deposit payments.
Compatible Smartphone: Must own an iPhone or Android phone capable of running the latest version of the HaulGO Driver app.

How is the pricing determined?💰

In HaulGO, the pricing for transportation services is initially proposed by the customer when they add a post for a transport job. They specify what they're willing to pay for the service. However, this price is not fixed; both the customer and the driver have the flexibility to negotiate a different rate if needed. This approach allows for flexibility and fair agreement on the service price based on the job's specifics and both parties' expectations.

What types of items can I move with HaulGO? 🛏️

With HaulGO, you can transport virtually anything, as long as you find a driver with a suitable vehicle for the job. The flexibility of HaulGO allows customers to post various types of transport needs, from small items to larger pieces of furniture or equipment. The key factor is matching the item with a driver who has the appropriate vehicle to accommodate the size and nature of the item.

How do I pay for the service? 🫰

For HaulGO services, payment is made through the app using the Stripe payment gateway. When a customer pays, the funds are held in a suspended state in the Movemate account. Once the transport is successfully completed, the payment is then released to the driver. In cases where the transport does not occur, the payment is refunded. This system ensures secure transactions and protects both parties involved.

What happens if my items are damaged during transport? 💥

HaulGO does not take responsibility for any damage to property during transport. The platform serves only as a facilitator to connect customers with drivers. As such, it's important for both parties to agree on and understand the terms of the transport, including handling and care for items, before the transportation takes place.

Can I cancel or change my booking? ❌

You can cancel or change your booking anytime by notifying the driver well in advance. If you have already paid for the service, please email info@haulgo.eu for assistance.

How can I trust the driver with my items? 🥷

To ensure trust in drivers, HaulGO retains copies of all drivers' personal identification documents. This measure helps to prevent fraudulent activities and enhances the safety for users of the service. Through these precautions, HaulGO strives to provide reliable and trustworthy transportation services.